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Your chance to save 80% on
Fleet Review & Recommendations

e3_gear_up_75px.pngWe are looking for 10 businesses to participate in the new E3 Fleet: Gear Up! program.

Here is an opportunity to participate in an E3 Fleet review and obtain custom solutions and expert advice on how to improve the performance and efficiency in your fleet — to save fuel and money. All this at 80% off the regular price, thanks to a financial incentive from the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. Participating businesses will also attend a fleet and fuel management training workshop for free.

Hurry — the application deadline is April 24. Learn more.



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Join E3 Fleet! No matter your sector, nature your work or size of your fleet, E3 Fleet offers good value for money. You can sign up for Fleet Review and Fleet Rating services when you choose, and your whole team gains access to resources in our E3 Fleet Toolkit.

Read about membership and services. Fees are affordable and payable online at your option.

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Idling Cost Calculator

idling_reduction.jpgMany fleets have been able to reduce fuel consumption by 10 to 15% simply by reducing unnecessary idling.

Welcome to the Idling Cost Calculator. This calculator estimates the financial and environmental costs of unnecessary idling, based on vehicle type and present operating conditions. It also estimates cost savings (and return on investment) of idling reduction technologies such as cab heaters, engine block heaters, and auxiliary power units (APUs).

Download Idling Cost Calculator [Excel]

Looking for ways to reduce idling in your fleet? Consult the E3 Fleet Rating System Handbook.

Our Partners

The E3 Fleet Program reflects the commitment and expertise of many people, including some of the country’s most innovative fleet managers. All have a common passion – to see Canada’s fleets take a cleaner, green road to the future.

The Fraser Basin Council thanks our partners at Climate Change Central (Alberta) and Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (Fleet Challenge Ontario) for helping E3 Fleet flourish as a national program.

We also acknowledge our E3 Fleet Charter members: Auto-Gas Propane, BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Environment, City of Coquitlam, Corporation of Delta, Enbridge, City of Hamilton, Hydro One, City of Kelowna, Township of Langley, District of Maple Ridge, City of North Vancouver, Novex Couriers, City of Prince George, District of Saanich, University of BC and Municipality of Whistler. We’ve enjoyed the journey so far, and it’s only just begun!

E3 Fleet in Brief

E3 Fleet is a Canada-wide program that helps public and private sector organizations green up their vehicle fleets. E3 Fleet offers information and tools to help you increase fuel efficiency in your fleet, reduce harmful emissions, manage expenses, and incorporate new technologies or fuels.

E3 Fleet offers Fleet Review and Fleet Rating, unique opportunities for members to boost fleet performance and receive recognition for their achievements.

E3 Fleet is a partnership program of the Fraser Basin Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability, with a focus on climate change and air quality, healthy watersheds and water resources, and sustainable regions and communities. 

Reach Us

For more information on the E3 Fleet program, Plug-in BC and other green fleet initiatives, contact:

Charlotte Argue
Transportation Analyst
E3 Fleet / Green Fleets

Fraser Basin Council
1st Floor, 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC  V6C 1V5

T: 1-888-70-FLEET (1-888-703-5338)