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Strategic Fleet Management Webinar

posted on 12:47 AM, September 17, 2014


Check out the online webinar video "Strategic Green Fleet Management for Municipalities," featuring Chris Hill, Senior Consultant with Fleet Challenge. Learn ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions in your fleet and to make effective use of key performance indicators as are part of an E3 Fleet review.

Watch the webinar video!

City of Richmond Goes Platinum

posted on 11:24 AM, July 3, 2014

The City of Richmond is the first municipality to receive the highest (Platinum) rating from E3 Fleet, a Canada-wide program that recognizes excellence in fleet management and environmental performance. The Award was presented by Fraser Basin Council Chair Colin Hansen to Mayor Malcolm Brodie at a meeting of Richmond City Council on November 28 in recognition of Richmond’s work in adopting a green fleet plan, implementing better data tracking and analysis, right-sizing its fleet with more efficient vehicles and other steps to green up its fleet.

Learn more in the Fraser Basin Council media release.

E3 Fleet Gold Rating for County of Simcoe

posted on 2:52 PM, May 27, 2014

The Fraser Basin Council, in collaboration with Fleet Challenge, awarded an E3 Fleet Gold Rating to the County of Simcoe, Ontario, for excellence in the management and green performance of its fleet.

The rating recognized work done by Simcoe County to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the fleet, invest in energy-efficient technologies and commit to staff training. The Simcoe County fleet is one of six in Canada to have earned a Gold rating. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement!

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Welcome to E3 FLEET — the first national program dedicated to green performance in fleets of vehicles.

Are you looking to improve fuel efficiency in your fleet? Reduce emissions? Introduce new fuels or technologies? No matter the nature of your business or size of your fleet, E3 Fleet is for you. 

FortisBC Achieves E3 Gold Level

Driving toward a Lower Carbon Energy Future With the E3 Gold award are (left to right): Narinder Karbar, Fleet Manager, Tracey Swanson, Fleet Support Supervisor, Jody Drope, Vice President of HR, Environment and Health & Safety and John McMahon, Director of Safety, Training and Fleet.

Driving toward a Lower Carbon Energy Future

In November 2019, FortisBC received the E3 Fleet Gold Rating Award recognizing their successful internal initiatives and environmental performance.

FortisBC’s GreenSense Program raises employee awareness about their fleet's impact on the environment and sets regulations to help reduce their carbon emissions.

“We are proud that the GreenSense Program, as well as other initiatives, have shown significant results and it’s great to be recognized by E3 Fleet for these accomplishments,” said Tracey Swanson, fleet support supervisor, FortisBC. “Part of this program was to implement our Idle Reduction Guidelines, reducing and measuring the amount of idling in our fleets. With the success of these guidelines, it’s led to the development of other initiatives to improve our environmental performance.”

In the last several years, FortisBC has taken on a number of actions to achieve an E3 Gold-Rated fleet. FortisBC purchases fuel efficient and alternative technology vehicles including electric and compressed natural gas vehicles through their vehicle purchasing program. Additionally, all FortisBC drivers follow fuel efficient driving guidelines and have received driver defensive training.

Telematics are used in all FortisBC fleet vehicles to measure and evaluate operational performance and maintenance diagnostics. FortisBC has gone above and beyond to use this technology effectively and implemented a predictive maintenance program to ensure vehicles are running as efficiently as possible. FortisBC’s utilization management program uses various reporting methods to ensure optimal use of vehicles and to maintain appropriate fleet size.

“This award is just the beginning for us as we continue to evolve our programs,” said Swanson. “We show the innovative ways we’ve been able to decrease our fleet emissions and hopefully inspire others to do the same. With our 30BY30 target being announced earlier this year, we need to demonstrate to our customers what we are doing to internally reduce our emissions.”

FortisBC announced their 30BY30 Target to reduce customers’ emissions by 30 per cent by the year 2030. With their Gold-Rating Award, they are leading by example and proving that they are actively finding solutions within their organization and are committed to doing the same for their customers.

E3 Fleet's Management Team


Founded by the Fraser Basin Council in 2006, the E3 Fleet is now gearing up for a second decade of service in Canada under the management of Richmond Sustainability Initiatives (RSI).

RSI has also worked for years with the Fraser Basin Council, which has operated the program over its first 10 years. Both the Fraser Basin Council and RSI are very excited about the future of this program.


Our Rated Fleets


There are now 14 fleets in Canada with E3 Fleet Ratings — 2 Platinum, 6 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze. Behind each honour are impressive accomplishments, and committed people.

Take a look at the different steps fleet managers have taken to put together the country’s most progressive fleets. Read more.

E3 Fleet Partners

The E3 Fleet program reflects the commitment and expertise of many people, including some of the country’s most innovative fleet managers. All have a common passion – to see Canada’s fleets take a cleaner, green road to the future.

The Fraser Basin Council launched E3 Fleet in 2006 in cooperation with Climate Change Central (Alberta) and Fleet Challenge. Since October 2016, the program has been managed by Richmond Sustainability Initiatives (RSI).

The E3 Fleet Charter members were also pivotal to its success: Auto-Gas Propane, BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Environment, City of Coquitlam, Corporation of Delta, Enbridge, City of Hamilton, Hydro One, City of Kelowna, Township of Langley, District of Maple Ridge, City of North Vancouver, Novex Couriers, City of Prince George, District of Saanich, University of BC and Municipality of Whistler. We’ve enjoyed the journey so far, and it’s only just begun. Join us!

E3 Fleet in Brief

E3 Fleet is a Canada-wide program that helps public and private sector organizations green up their vehicle fleets.

E3 Fleet offers information and tools to help you increase fuel efficiency in your fleet, reduce harmful emissions, manage expenses, and incorporate new technologies, fuels and best management practices. We offer Fleet Review and Fleet Rating, unique opportunities for you to boost fleet performance and receive recognition for that achievement.



In October 2016 Richmond Sustainability Initiatives (RSI) assumed management of the E3 Fleet program from the Fraser Basin Council. RSI is recognized for its work on green transportation and green building projects across North America and is host to Fleet Challenge.

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