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E3 Fleet's New Management Team

posted on 11:40 AM, November 8, 2016
Founded by the Fraser Basin Council (FBC) in 2006, the E3 Fleet is now gearing up for a second decade of service in Canada under the management of Fleet Challenge Inc. Based in Ontario, and working across North America, the RSI team have extensive experience in green fleet performance. RSI has also worked for years with the Fraser Basin Council, which has operated the program for the first 10 years. Both FBC and RSI are very excited about the future of this program.

About Plug in BC

Plug In BC is an initiative led by the Province of BC to lay the groundwork for plug-in electric vehicles and related electric charging infrastructure.

This is a broad collaboration that includes BC Hydro, the City of Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, Fraser Basin Council (Green Fleets BC), BC Institute of Technology and University of Victoria (Institute for Integrated Energy Systems).

Learn more about the work of Plug in BC in our overview.


About the Community Charging Infrastructure Fund

A cornerstone of Plug in BC is the Community Charging Infrastructure (CCI) Fund. This fund offers incentives to both public and private sector to help build a network of 570 electric vehicle charging stations across BC for use by the public and by fleets.

The Fund is overseen by the BC Ministry of Environment and BC Ministry of Energy and Mines, and administered by the Fraser Basin Council.

Reach Us

For more about Plug in BC and other green fleet initiatives, contact:

Charlotte Argue
Transportation Analyst
Green Fleets BC

Fraser Basin Council
1st Floor, 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5

T: (604) 488-5369 / 1-888-703-5338