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Fleet Experiences

Richmond Sustainability Initiatives (RSI), manager of the E3 Fleet program since October 2016, wants to share the experiences of Canada's fleets in spearheading new technologies and practices.

Examples include those from the Fraser Basin Council (through its Green Fleets BC program). The Fraser Basin Council has worked with some of BC’s most progressive fleets. Here are some of their stories as compiled from 2007-2009. Hats off to these organizations, large and small, and the fleet mangers who were willing to invest in green technologies and practices to gain greater fuel efficiency and cut harmful emissions.


City of Williams Lake – Goes Idle Free

The City of Williams Lake made a community-wide commitment to lower its environmental footprint. Reducing costs and emissions from their fleet has been important aspect of this commitment, and idling reduction an important strategy. Read more.


Langley Fire Department – Road Testing Biodiesel

The Township of Langley Fire Department needed to contribute to the Township’s formal greenhouse gas reduction target, and alternative fuels were a good opportunity. A 20% blend of biodiesel was introduced for the 22-truck fleet. Read more.


Neptune Food Service – Drivers Reduce Idling and Cut Fuel Use

Neptune Food Service, with 98 Class 6 and 7 trucks, delivers food each day to convenience stores and restaurants across Metro Vancouver. In close collaboration with its drivers, the company implemented an idling reduction program that reduced fuel use by 9% across its fleet. Read more.


Novex Courier – Canada’s First Carbon-Neutral Courier Fleet

As one of Vancouver’s largest courier companies, Novex has made a major commitment to greening its operations, including its fleet of delivery vehicles. The company has adopted new technologies such as hybrid vehicles, introduced alternative fuels such as biodiesel, and adopted a policy to offset all its emissions. Read more.


TSI Terminal Systems Inc. – High Blends of Biodiesel Used in All Industrial Equipment

TSI is Canada’s largest container operator with two terminals in the Greater Vancouver area. The company successfully introduced high blends of biodiesel to fuel its equipment – 240 pieces in all. Read more.


CPx: High-Tech Driver Education - Simulated Driving, Real Environmental Benefits

A Surrey-based trucking firm projected it might save a million dollars in fuel costs and dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions of its fleet. Read more


Excel Transportation - An Early Lesson Proves Profitable

Excel Transportation’s Vic Martin first learned about environmentally friendly practices before the phrase was even coined. Martin says it all goes back to his childhood. Read more.


Glenncoe - EnviroTruck: The Right Thing to Do

"We've always focused on doing what's right, and these new trucks are the total package." That's how Don Coe, President of Glenncoe Transport Ltd., describes his company's newest additions. Read more.


R&B Trucking - The Little Engine That Could

You don’t often find truckers who are proud to say they have an engine that’s smaller than most, but that’s the case with Paul Cunnington. That’s because his Victoria-based company, R&B Trucking, is taking ownership of a specially modified 2008 Freightliner that is the first Class 5 vehicle of its kind in Western Canada. Read more.


Wilson's Transportation - Big on Biofuels

A Victoria-area company is on a mission. “We want to be on the leading edge when it comes to fleet operators in British Columbia using alternative fuels to power their vehicles,” says John Wilson from Wilson’s Transportation Limited. Read more.


Paradise Island Foods - Proving that Going Green is Worth It

Paradise Island Foods Inc. owners, Len and Kevin Thomson, have always been environmentally conscious. They didn’t hesitate to stay on the leading edge of green commerce when it came time to update their fleet of trucks at Paradise Island Foods Inc. Read more.

E3 Fleet Partners

The E3 Fleet program reflects the commitment and expertise of many people, including some of the country’s most innovative fleet managers. All have a common passion – to see Canada’s fleets take a cleaner, green road to the future.

The Fraser Basin Council launched E3 Fleet in 2006 in cooperation with Climate Change Central (Alberta) and Fleet Challenge. Since October 2016, the program has been managed by Fleet Challenge Inc.

The E3 Fleet Charter members were also pivotal to its success: Auto-Gas Propane, BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Environment, City of Coquitlam, Corporation of Delta, Enbridge, City of Hamilton, Hydro One, City of Kelowna, Township of Langley, District of Maple Ridge, City of North Vancouver, Novex Couriers, City of Prince George, District of Saanich, University of BC and Municipality of Whistler. We’ve enjoyed the journey so far, and it’s only just begun. Join us!

E3 Fleet in Brief

E3 Fleet is a Canada-wide program that helps public and private sector organizations green up their vehicle fleets.

E3 Fleet offers information and tools to help you increase fuel efficiency in your fleet, reduce harmful emissions, manage expenses, and incorporate new technologies, fuels and best management practices. We offer Fleet Review and Fleet Rating, unique opportunities for you to boost fleet performance and receive recognition for that achievement.

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