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Rating System Overview


E3 Fleet Ratings recognize excellence in fleet performance, and an E3 member fleet may pursue a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Rating. The fleet’s rating is based on points accumulated in 10 focus areas, and the fleet’s data is verified through an independent site and records audit by an approved E3 Fleet auditor.

For a look at the rating requirements, and how points are awarded, see the E3 Fleet Rating System Checklist (MEMBER LOG-IN REQUIRED).

Here’s a summary of Fleet Rating focus areas:

  1. Green Action Plan — Creating an action plan and business strategy for improving fuel efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing overall environmental impact of equipment and operations. The plan should also demonstrate the organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and create awareness and acceptance in all levels of the organization.
  2. Training and Awareness — Training drivers and staff in fuel-efficient driving techniques, training dispatchers and managers in fuel-efficient management practices and creating a culture of fuel efficiency, cost management and environmental care.
  3. Idling Reduction — Eliminating unnecessary and wasteful idling of vehicles and equipment.
  4. Vehicle Purchasing — Purchasing the most energy-efficient vehicles and equipment for the intended use in a fleet.
  5. Fuel Data Management — Maintaining efficient and accurate fuel records and determining the true costs of fleet operations as related to fuel consumption.
  6. Operations & Maintenance — Optimizing the fuel efficiency of vehicles and equipment in a fleet, reducing down time caused by equipment failures or breakdowns and increasing awareness of how maintenance practices affect fuel efficiency.
  7. Trip & Route Planning — Lowering costs by maximizing the efficiency of trips and using the most direct or efficient routes.
  8. Asset Utilization — Matching the size of the fleet to the level of need, and taking action to identify and replace, retire or redeploy inefficient or under-used equipment and vehicles.
  9. Fuel Efficiency — Ensuring management programs, policies, activities and technologies improve fleet fuel efficiency.
  10. Greenhouse Gas Performance — Ensuring management programs, policies, activities and fuel and technology choices help reduce a fleet’s GHG emissions on an ongoing basis. Fleets are also encouraged to partially or fully offset GHG emissions.

To understand the process an organization follows to have its fleet qualify for a rating, see Steps to a Rating.


E3 Fleet Partners

The E3 Fleet program reflects the commitment and expertise of many people, including some of the country’s most innovative fleet managers. All have a common passion – to see Canada’s fleets take a cleaner, green road to the future.

The Fraser Basin Council launched E3 Fleet in 2006 in cooperation with Climate Change Central (Alberta) and Fleet Challenge. Since October 2016, the program has been managed by Fleet Challenge Inc.

The E3 Fleet Charter members were also pivotal to its success: Auto-Gas Propane, BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Environment, City of Coquitlam, Corporation of Delta, Enbridge, City of Hamilton, Hydro One, City of Kelowna, Township of Langley, District of Maple Ridge, City of North Vancouver, Novex Couriers, City of Prince George, District of Saanich, University of BC and Municipality of Whistler. We’ve enjoyed the journey so far, and it’s only just begun. Join us!

E3 Fleet in Brief

E3 Fleet is a Canada-wide program that helps public and private sector organizations green up their vehicle fleets.

E3 Fleet offers information and tools to help you increase fuel efficiency in your fleet, reduce harmful emissions, manage expenses, and incorporate new technologies, fuels and best management practices. We offer Fleet Review and Fleet Rating, unique opportunities for you to boost fleet performance and receive recognition for that achievement.

Reach Us

For more information on Fleet Challenge and the E3 Fleet Standards program, contact:

Roger Smith
Executive Director
Fleet Challenge and E3 Fleet Program

T: 416 418-9931

Jana Cervinka

Director, Communications and External Relations
T: 954 299 5885